Principal’s Speech


IMG-20160728-WA0002.jpg  Kodalia Girls’ High School is a Govt. Sponsored Secondary School , established as a Primary School in the year 1916, with the vision of some distinguished personalities in the locality,and took it’s shape on the land of the philanthropist Late Nalendra Nath Bhattacharya. Then it was gradually upgraded as Junior High School and High School in the year 1949 and 1969 respectively,under the West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education.About 742 students are on the roll of the school at present in the Secondary section and 380 in the primary section.Presently there is a Managing Committee and there are 15 permanant teachers ,one parateacher,one I.C.T coordinator and three nonteaching staff  in the  school. Recently it  completed glorious 100 years.All Ex and present teachers,nonteaching employee and students,guardians of Primary as well as Secondary  section,present and past committee members,all well wishers– We are a family, engaged in a noble duty to ignite the educational spirit and to enlighten girls’ in the locality in the span of 100 years.Our motto–” Sanviter in modo, fortiter in re”-Gentle  in manner,  resolute in execution.

 We welcome all.